Back in the Groove!

I have been feeling a little lost lately with this speaking thing. Speaking engagements haven’t come as I thought that they would and there are no The Women’s League, Inc. Kick off’s for me in January. Honestly, I have felt lost. When you know God’s calling on you and you cannot work for Him, it is frustrating…at least it is for me.

I have been praying for peace and understanding in this dry season. I have felt like I have been walking in a parched desert and I am desperately in need of God’s thirst quenching help. God’s answer came loud and clear. He still wants me to speak for Him, but I was not looking outside the box that I had put myself in.

Recently, I was a chaperone on a trip with my son Tahd’s class to a conference led by the Institute for Cultural Communicators through Communicators for Christ. It was amazing. The entire 2 day conference was taught by teens who not only felt that God was calling them to speak for Him, but in many different arenas and ways. Mostly, they were communicating through acting.

 One thing that struck me very deeply was what the founder of the organization said, “If God has called you to speak for Him and you hold back in fear or for fear of making a fool of yourself, then you are being selfish.” I then watched these incredible teenagers perform this jaw dropping presentation. They made fools of themselves to get a point across and the audience loved them.

I walked away from that remembering that one of the things that I have loved in the past was acting in skits and plays. Ironically, the night before I was sitting in a church council meeting and I had been approached about doing a skit for Christmas Eve service. I have not acted in a skit in a couple of years, mostly because I have given all my efforts to the Women’s Ministry and because I haven’t liked what was offered for me to act in. I had told them I would think on it. After that conference, I felt God was confirming that I need to look outside the box and get back into acting.

I sat down the next day and looked over the skit for Christmas they sent me. I kept browsing the skit site and found a hilarious one for Thanksgiving. I thought to myself that it would be great to perform the Sunday before Thanksgiving…which was THE NEXT DAY! It was a monologue and I thought I could do it but also knew I would only have 2 hours to memorize a 10-minute skit in which I would definitely make a fool of myself. I started doubting myself, feeling like I couldn’t accomplish this well enough for the next day. At that moment, God spoke to me and said,”Are you doubting the ability that I have given you? Do you doubt that I won’t equip you?” So…I called my Pastor and told him about the skit and he loved it and told me to go for it. 

The next morning I was front and center in front of 200+ people, completely making a fool of myself with a raw turkey…and it went off without a hitch! I was energized, refreshed, renewed! I felt used by God in the way He had designed me.

So what am I up to now?

I am directing and performing in a skit that will take place in two weeks on Sunday morning. It will be part of the sermon that our pastor will be teaching. WOW! I am so excited, but nervous about the level of difficulty that this skit is. But if God is calling me to step out in this way, I will go.

I am also writing my own monologue/skit for Christmas Eve service. This really excites me. I LOVE to create and build. The skit that they had asked me to perform for Christmas Eve was not really that good…it had Santa being the hero and seemed to direct the attention away from Christ. But if we could back up for just a bit to the day I sat in the conference…as I sat there, God reminded me of something that He had placed in my heart to write as either a Christmas or Mother’s Day teaching…dealing with Mary as a mother. As I sat there, I felt God was showing me that I could write this as a monologue with humor and a powerful message. So I presented it to my Pastor to take the place of the Santa Hero skit and he loved the idea and told me to move with it!


So I may not be teaching as a Speaker, but I am teaching. I hope you will check out my Speaking Engagement/Acting page and mark these dates on your calendar. 


God’s Groovy Girl


One response to “Back in the Groove!

  • Lynn

    How awesome it will be to see you on stage soon in another skit. The Thanksgiving one was hilarious and you did wonderful!! You are so very gifted and I love to watch you act and speak. Glad to see you blogging again too, my friend. Love, Lynn

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