“A Moment at the Feet of Jesus”

Part of the incredible ministry opportunity that I have built from the ground up is the podcast ministry for The Women’s League, Inc. “A Moment at the Feet of Jesus” is my baby and I am so proud of it. I have been working with 2 other incredible speakers on this project and it has been a pure joy. When The Women’s League, Inc. website is up and running (it is going through a complete upgrade and renovation at the moment) these podcasts will be available for you to subscribe to on your iPod or listen to on the website. This season, we have run a demo season of “A Moment at the Feet of Jesus” on NorthStar Church’s website to see what kind of response we would get and the response has been wonderful!

Here is one of the first podcasts that I wrote and recorded. The guitar music that is playing in the background with written for and recorded by an incredible aspiring musician, Tahd Adams (my baby).

“Treasure Map” podcast

To hear the rest of my podcasts that have been published, go to my “A Moment at the Feet of Jesus” page.


Groovy Girl


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