“Christmas with Grace” went off without a hitch…ok, maybe a couple. But the power of the message was loud and clear. My drama troupe and I worked very hard for only having two weeks notice to do this, but we all felt the importance of doing this drama. Yesterday, December 13th, we performed “Christmas with Grace” at Cobb Vineyard to a packed audience as part of the sermon.

I played Grace, an unhappy mother, daughter, sister, and wife who lives with the disappointment of a stressful marriage, rejection from her oldest son and lack of support from her mother. My son has quit college and left home; and I have never measured up to the standards that my mother has set for me. My sister is trying to bring us all together for Christmas Eve under the disguise of lies that she told each of us to get us there. Needless to say it all falls apart and the only thing that will save this family is an extra measure of grace where it is not deserved…after all, that is what grace is.

Ryan and Grace at a stand-off.



Michael steps in to mediate…Carol tries to fade into the background.”

“Let the yelling begin!”

It was a blessing and an honor to be asked to direct and act in this drama. We all enjoyed the privilege of putting the “fun” in dysfunctional!


Groovy Girl


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