One Year Ago….

…I was kissing my son good-bye as I watched him being wheeled away to surgery. I would see him 12 hours later. One year ago my boy was having the worst time of his life. From September 23rd, 2009 he had a suprapubic catheter in place. He would wake up from this surgery with two in place for the next 4 months.

This time last year, I sat in that waiting room with Chad, Lynn, and Harry (AKA grandpa). They were with us in the morning and then we were by ourselves until we saw the doctor at 8 pm. God made His presence known to us the whole time.

When Tahd finally was taken to a room, we settled in and Chad left. As the new year closed in on us, I thought of all our friends who were dancing away the New Year at one of my favorite events, the NYE Square Dance at church. I love this event and missed being there. But I was glad to be sitting next to my son, knowing the worst was over.

God has blessed us immeasurably this year, but nothing blesses me more than seeing my son completely healed and whole. My heart leaps everytime I see him on stage with the worship team and everytime I hear that loud, deep laugh of his. Mostly, I cherish every hug and “I love you” that I hear from him. I am blessed to have a son who still is affectionate to his mama.

 It was a hard way to end last year and begin this one, but in Tahd’s own words, “I have never been so afraid in all of my life, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for the relationship that I have with God. All the fear was worth what I have now. ”

Yup, it was worth it!

Happy New Year!

…and in case you missed it, here is another chance to see what makes a mama proud….


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