My Week in Review

Friday-Prepared to leave for New York, ready for some playtime in the snow. Four inches fell in Georgia before we left. Funny. At 8 pm, just before we crossed the Georgia/Tennessee border, the highway was shut down for THREE HOURS due to ice on the road. At 11:15 pm, we finally started moving and never saw snow or ice on the roadways until we hit New York the next day.

My backyard on Friday as we were leaving.

Saturday-Arrived at my parent’s at 12:30 pm instead of 7 am as planned. We were greeted by a warm fire and even warmer hugs. By 1:30 pm, my boys were playing in the foot of snow that was on the ground. In bed at 8:45 pm.

Sunday- Went shopping for boots in the huge Olean mall…I think it has 7 stores. We had a visit from my niece and nephew. More sledding. Watched “Criminal Minds.”

Monday- No internet here. Fine with me, but Chad and the kids were dying. They went to a McDonald’s and sat in the parking lot to get access. Went shopping in the Antique mall. Found plates and goblets to match the dishes Chad got me two years ago for my birthday! Awesome find!  Watched “Criminal Minds.”

Tuesday- Happy Birthday Wyatt! My baby is 6 today.

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

More sledding! Took my mom back to the Antique Mall. My mom-in-law visited for the day. Even though I was warned NOT to watch “Marlie and Me,” I watched it with my kids. We laughed and cried, and cried, and cried. But I loved it. More sledding. Watched “Criminal Minds.” Can you tell what my parents do every night?

Wednesday- Chad, Dad, and the little boys built a fort in the snow. I laughed as Levi tried to have patience with my dad who kept breaking the fort.

The Fort

 I took Wyatt for a walk to show him some of my favorite places on my parents property. He climbed my favorite tree and showed me his sledding skills. 


 Nunchuck skills, sledding skills...

Saw a Bald Eagle flying over the Allegany River. Ate dinner at Perkins. WooHoo! Went and visited Chad’s brother, Donnie and his family. Did our best to get a picture of 8 cousins on a couch. This was my favorite. Too funny!

Cousins gone WILD!

Thursday-Listened to my dad argue with the automated voice at Dish Network customer service. I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time. “I said ‘yes.’ Don’t you understand English, you idiot?” Got to visit with my brother, Bob, and my niece, Leigh Rae. the cousins went sledding then Wyatt showed everybody his muscles. apparently, he has been working out on my Dad’s weights every time he took off his snowsuit in the cellar. My brothers told him he must be a Fisher with all those muscles. Then my two brothers and Wyatt compared muscles. Cute photo-op. 

It's a Fisher thing!

Visited Chad’s brother Bob and family. They just got 2 Pugs. Watched “Jeopardy”…and “Criminal Minds.”

Friday- The kids attempted to build a snowman, but the snow wouldn’t pack.

Failed attempt at a snowman!

Visited with my sister, then went out to dinner with my parents and my brother, Dave. We listened to a drunk 80-year-old woman at the table next to us retell the time someone tumbled their cat in a dryer by accident. It would have been a sad story had it not been for her drunken state. No one could keep a straight face. Watched my last “Criminal Minds.” Hit the hay.

Saturday- 2 am- Hit the road for Georgia. Picked up my monster of a puppy and went home. Good to be back. 

Here are some extra highlight pics!

Too cold to play right now!

Wild Turkeys in my parent's front yard.



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