Things this home school mom can do…

She can….

teach Math with hair color in her hair

stay in her pj’s during class time

blog while her kids are taking a test

call a trip to the grocery store a field trip…every week

make puppy training part of Life Science

over sleep and still make it to class on time

not worry if her students are going to fall in love with her

never experience note passing in class

stop class to help a friend

stop class to love on a hurt soul

be interrupted by people who don’t think home schooling is important enough to call after school hours

grab a quick shower in between lessons

get kisses from her students

rescue a neighbor who has run out of gas

teach even when she has the stomach flu

sit in the backyard and collect caterpillars with her Kindergartener

cancel class because we need a break

cancel class because a morning at the park just sounds better

teach her students anything she wants with regards to Christianity

start school with prayer

spend all day with the kids she loves the most


That’s why this home school mom does what she does.

Are you a home schooler? If so, what do you do?


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