Allow me to get political for a moment…

I am not a very politically opinionated kind of girl.

Part of that comes from my cultish upbringing of being neutral with regards to politics. It was never part of our dinner conversation as a child and I only ever heard my dad say sarcastic things about the reigning president as he walked away from the evening news.

I didn’t get caught up in the “hot” political campaign 2 years ago as a black man and a woman both fought for our highest ruling seat in our nation. It wasn’t that I didn’t care, but I was being obedient to God. Three years ago, God asked me to stop watching morning TV. See, I used to think that I had to wake up with Charlie, Sam and Diane before I could start my Bible study. Then I would do my study while Regis and Kelly entertained me. Yup, real quality God time there! But I knew that He was asking me to break a habit. He was asking me to fast from one of my comforts.

I begrudgingly obeyed and I have never been so grateful that I did. My alone time with my Lord is precious to me and I don’t let anything hinder that anymore. I have loved my TV news fast so much that for the past two years I have probably seen the evening news 10 times. And yes, things have happened in the world that I didn’t find out about until someone told me, like Jon and Kate’s divorce. Glad I missed that!

I have missed a lot, including all the drama of the election, but believe me, you can live without a TV and still know all the junk about a campaign. Some people would call me an unpatriotic citizen for not doing my civil duty and staying informed. Believe me, I was informed. I just chose to be informed in the manner that I wanted and I made a sound decision and I voted.

Now its healthcare! Again, I don’t need to have the TV on to know that there is an issue. I heard about it at the dog park, at church, in Bible study, at the grocery store, and through the million “forwards” that come to me everyday telling me how we will watch out nation crumble if something doesn’t change. One woman told me that we will become like the Canadians who have to come to the US and get surgeries because the waiting list is too long in Canada.

BUT what if God has bigger plans? What if He is just trying to get our attention? I mean we have gone through and are in the midst of a financial crisis in our country (that I didn’t have to watch TV to know). Homes and jobs are being lost left and right. What if this is God testing us? I mean we can say we trust God  as we sit in our nice homes with hardwood floors and stocked pantries and fridges, while we drive our kids in our massive SUV’s to their private schools. But would we trust Him if they started to go away? We have watched our income drop dramatically in the past year and we are being tested daily as to whether we will trust Him to be our Provider. We have had to let a lot of things go. But what if we are asked to let go of more things? Will we trust Him?

So what if in this healthcare issue God is trying to get our attention and say, “Do you trust me to care for you? Do you trust that I am the ultimate Healer?Do you trust that my timing is perfect and you will be healed in my time, not when the government says?”  It was easy to say that He would care for us like when I sat comfortably with great insurance that provided my son with an incredible doctor during his life-threatening situation last year. But would I have said that if I wasn’t resting so assuredly in my situation?  What if the waiting list for that surgery would have been beyond what my son could handle. Could we have rested in the peace that He was in control? What IF He wants to prove to us how well He can care for us and not the government?

What if?

It is 11 pm and the 11 o’clock news is not on at my house. Life is going on and I am at peace, knowing that my God is in control.

I will not fear.

Are you afraid?

Turn off the TV, the computer, the radio and turn to the good news from your Heavenly Father. He is waiting…..

God-His way is perfect;

the word of the Lord is pure.

He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him

For who is God besides the Lord?

And who is a rock?

Only our God.

God is my strong refuge;

He makes my ways perfect.” 2 Samuel 22:31-33


“We demolish arguments

and every pretension

that sets itself up against the knowledge of God,

and we take captive every thought in obedience to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5


“For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness,

but one of power, love, and sound judgement.” 2 Timothy 1:7


“The Lord is near.

Don’t worry about anything, but in everything,

through prayer and petition with thanksgiving,

let your requests be made known to God.

And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought,

will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:5-7

Thanks for letting me get political. It probably won’t happen again.


Peaceful Groovy Girl


One response to “Allow me to get political for a moment…

  • Monica

    Nothing irks me more than politics in church. I am furious when I hear anyone standing even near the pulpit spouting their opinion on the rights and wrongs, the ways to vote and not. The only time I gladly welcome political speak is when the message is: seek God first and trust in HIm alone.

    Well said, Jodianne.

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