…so we got us some Tofu and liked it!

God always surprises me with the way that He comforts the hurting and the broken. What He does for one is never the same as for their neighbor. It’s like he knows us or something. 🙂 So where do I start? Well if you are a reader of my blog then you know our brokeness. We still hurt. We probably always will until we see our precious friend in heaven. We also lost our cat, Chloe, about 4 months ago. She ran off. I didn’t blog about her because I just assumed she would be back, just like the last time she did this. She didn’t come back. Instead of an immediate loss and pain, it has been drug out for months now. Kelsey has been especially sad over the loss of Chloe.


I bet you know where this is going….

So on Tuesday, we got Tofu!


Tofu is a purebred Bengal cat. Bengal cats are a breed that was made from breeding an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat to get a cat that looked wild. As you will see from her pics, she is gorgeous!

We got Tofu from an owner who couldn’t keep her anymore. She wasn’t being properly cared for and never got be to with people. It was kind of sad. She was fed and watered and her automatic litter box cleaned her litter, but that was about it. She was shut up in a room and that was her existence.

Tofu and Wyatt- she had just kissed him on the nose!

She loves to sit in the window and view the world. I don’t even think she could do that at her former home. And though it is an adjustment for her to come into a home with other cats, she doesn’t seem too worse for the wear. All my cats have been curious but not mean or aggressive.

Leo and Tofu's first meeting

Bengal cats come in three patterns, marbled, spotted and rosettes. Tofu’s father was a marbled and her mother was rossetted so she has a beautiful combination of both with a heavily spotted belly. Another amazing thing about Bengals is that they have what is called “glitter”. I wish I had a picture to do it justice. Glitter is individual hairs that actually look like shining gold or “glitter”. Tofu is heavily glittered and when she is in sunlight she just glows. Amazing!

Look closely and you will see her glitter!

So majestic!

She found another window.

So we got ourselves a little Tofu! That is the name she came with and I am not sure we will keep it. we would if she knew her name but I don’t think she ever heard it much since she wasn’t socialized with much. Wyatt wants to call her that, but we all have a different choice such as Chica, Luna, Fluffy (no way), Alice, Truffle, and Pyrite (Fools Gold). We’ll see. Until then, it’s Tofu.

I had to show you this picture. This is Esme’ and Pippin who had to wait outside while Tofu investigated our home without their help. Pitiful!

Pippin and Esme'


One response to “…so we got us some Tofu and liked it!

  • Lynn

    She’s beautiful, Jodi. Lovely pics. So sad for your loss of Chloe. The Lord has given you such a warm heart for animals. Blessings. ~Lynn

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