God’s Dog

Yesterday I had the privilege of performing a monologue that I wrote for Father’s Day service. I will have to say though that this was the one skit that I was the most nervous about because of who I was working with. Esme’, our Boxer, made her stage debut and I will have to say that she not only stole the spotlight but also helped to drive home the visual point of God’s unconditional love. It was a privilege to be used in conjunction with our Pastor’s sermon for such an important message. 
Below is my monologue and pictures from the skit. Enjoy!

Esme's first acting debut! Broadway here we come!

They say a dog is man’s best friend.  Well if that is the case, then this is mine. This is Esme’. She is a 7-month-old Boxer and a few months ago we made the decision to bring her into our home. But most people wouldn’t have chosen her because she is, well, defective. You can’t see her defect, but it is there. You see Esme’ has the white deaf gene which means she is deaf. It happens when a Boxer is born white and with one or two blue eyes.  Some breeders will even put a white pup to sleep at birth, knowing that it may carry the deaf gene and is therefore considered defective and difficult to sell. Esme’ was one of the lucky ones, but she was the last in her litter of twelve to find a home. We looked past her defect and saw great potential in her. We made the decision to adopt her and make her a part of our family. She was worth saving.

"She stole the spotlight"

Esme’ is a loyal, affectionate, hilarious, and protective dog and she is growing into her role as guardian of our family. She sleeps at my feet every night and wakes me up with affectionate kisses every morning as if we have been separated for ages.

But the fact of the matter is, she is still just a dog with her own free will and that gets her into trouble all the time. She chases after things she shouldn’t, pulls on her leash instead of letting me lead, she chews things up, she gets into the garbage, takes things that don’t belong to her like food off the counter, and makes messes on the floor that I am left to clean up. And no matter how many times I tell her “no,” she goes through gates and doors that she knows she is not allowed to go through and always finds the trouble I was trying to keep her from on the other side.

"And she loved the camera"

But she is my dog and I love her. And I know that she will come back through that gate as soon as she sees that the grass is not so green and the trouble was not so worth it. She will come to me with her tail between her legs and she will seek my forgiveness. Sometimes I don’t want to give it to her. Sometimes I am so mad that I would rather shut the door and turn off the lights  and pretend that I don’t even own a dog. But I don’t. I will get down on my knees, call her my CRAZY dog, and I will show her grace she doesn’t deserve and welcome her back in. She might be a dog, but she is mine and there isn’t anything that she can do that will make me love her any less. My love for her is unconditional.

 Luke 12:6 says, “Aren’t five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten in God’s sight… Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” (For the purpose of not preaching the sermon, I stopped the monologue here. But this is the rest of what I wrote.) I bet if God had a dog He would treat it pretty good. Man, just imagine how He treats His kids.

Think about it. His kids were the defective, flawed, thrown to the curb and He made them His own, changing them from orphan to heir and saving them from certain death.  He never rubs our noses in any of our messes, and He always welcomes us back home when we stray. That is love… pure, unconditional love.

"Good girl...great job!"

 It always happens that when I am preparing a teaching, or in this case a monologue, that God will make sure that I am practicing what I am preaching. This week with Esme’ was no exception. She didn’t want to obey even basic commands. She wanted to do her own thing all week. But the icing on the cake was just before the skit. I needed to keep her hidden before the service so that she would be a surprise on stage. I took her down into the back of the property where our silt pond is. We walked around for a while and she was doing good. So I let go of her leash so that she could do her duty before we went into the church. As soon as I let the leash go, she headed straight into the silt pond and into the mud that was up past her stomach. It was 30 minutes before we took the stage! So I grabbed a friend and we gave her a bath in back of the church with Dawn and the hose. Crazy dog.

It makes me think of how many muddy messes I get myself into and God is always there to help we get out of them. Has He helped you out of any lately?


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