Good Grief, Charlie Brown

You are here again…

I didn’t invite you, yet here you are.

Why do you keep showing up, and better yet,

when are you going to stop?

You don’t knock, you don’t call…

you just barge into the most intimate moments of my day like a thief.

That’s what you are…you are a thief who steals my joy

and leaves me broken.

Sometimes you make me feel angry,

or sad, lonely, betrayed, lost in memories, depressed,

or just simply overwhelmed.

They say you are good for me.

How can that be?

I was enjoying today until you showed up.

I was happy and then in you walked

like a clanging symbol…distrupting everything.

“What are you mad about?” she asked rather sarcastically.

My countenance was giving me away I guess.

He said, “You’re quiet today.”

My excuse?

“Just contemplative.

I have a busy week ahead,” I responded with a painted on smile.

They notice when you visit.

 I don’t think we are fooling anyone.

Please go away.

“Weeping may spend the night, but there is joy in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

I am ready for the morning.


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