His Last First Day

“You know this is my last first day of school,” he said in an excited way as we drove to his school.

“That’s pretty cool, huh?” I responded, though I really didn’t want to believe that this day had come.

Tahd on his last first day of school

He looked pretty spiffy for his last first day. Dressed in a 3 piece suit and a pin-striped shirt, he was quite dapper. Not the usual uniform day since he was an apprentice at the ICC Conference at his school. I drove off and the quiet in the car was almost deafening. I missed his already.

He is a Senior now. Where did the time go?

I remember the first time I saw him on an ultrasound and the first time I held him in my arms. There was his first steps and the first time he tried to catch rain drops in a milk jug. His first word was “moon” and his first favorite TV show was Sesame Street. He loved Burt, which was his second word.

This will be a year of lasts…his last high school exams, his last prom, his last homecoming, and since he will be driving soon (September 1st), there will be the last time I drive him to school.

This will also be a year of firsts. There will be the first Senior picture. His first job. The first time he drives his girlfriend somewhere. His first acceptance letter to college. His first cap and gown.

Finally, the last right of passage, graduation. The moment will arrive when he first emerges through the doors in the line of Seniors as they proceed to their graduation ceremony.  My first tear will be shed and the first tissue in the wad that will accumulate that day will catch it. 

His name will be called and he will stand.

We will hear what he was voted as “Biggest…” or “Most likely to…” by his peers and we will giggle. He will walk the stage, receive his diploma, do something silly as only Tahd would do and breath a sigh of relief that he finally made it. He then will lead his classmates out of the graduation ceremony and into their new lives as adults.

It will be an exciting year all full of firsts…and lasts. No matter how hard or sad, I don’t want to miss a moment of it.

“Always Be My Son” by Cheri Keagy

Here I am again, now my boy is ten

As I pray for him each night
My heart remembers when
He was very small, now he’s grown so tall
Reading books, and running fast and playing ball.
My how time flies, tears fill my eyes.
I’m still praying for you, my boy,
And proud of all you’ve done.
No matter what this life may bring
You’ll always be my son.

Tugging at my heart,
driving my old car
Call me when you get there,
please don’t go too far
Soon you’re twenty-five,
found yourself a wife
God has blessed your union with a little child

My how time flies, tears fill my eyes.
I’m still praying for you, my boy
And proud of who you’ve become
And though you are a Daddy now
You’ll always be my son.

Jesus on the cross,
sent to save the lost
Fighting just to catch a breath
The Holy Son of God
Mary on her knees echoes her son’s plea
My God, my God why have you forsaken me?
Still she knows why He came
You can almost hear her say

I’m still praying for you, my boy
Hang on, you’re almost done
No matter what the people say
You’ll always be my Son.
I’m still praying for you, my boy
The victory’s already won
And even though you have to die
You’ll always be my Son,
let Your Kingdom come
Christ, the Holy One.



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