Jesus and the Green Knight

Sometimes I think about the people who God has placed in my life, purposefully placed. They are all around me actually. The neighbor across the street that I only see when they are raking. My favorite cashier at Publix. The girl at the bus stop that I pass everyday. They are all around me, placed here by God. Their lives do impact me in some ways, even if the ripple is small.

Then there are those that truly do impact you. Their ripple is not small, it almost knocks your boat over. They are the ones who are not just in your life, but  involved in your life. They are the ones that choose you and you choose them. You choose to not just pass them by, but rather to stop and sit a spell, sometimes you choose to stay. Their presence in your life has made an impact. They would open their pantry to you and share all that they had.

These were the thoughts going through my mind yesterday as my day came to a close. Yesterday was a special day, special because of  people who thought enough of us to share their “wealth.”

The first bit of wealth was shared through the friendship of others. My sweet friends at church have a dear friend who plays Jesus in “The Holy Land Experience” in Orlando, Florida. Jesus came to visit our church yesterday and shared his incredible monologue with us. What a treat! I loved watching Wyatt’s face as he leaned in and took in every word Jesus spoke. Tahd and Kelsey laughed at his little jokes that you could picture Jesus saying. My gaze wandered back to Levi as he literally kept the spotlight on Jesus the whole time, making sure the Light of the World was well-lit.  Because of the friendships of others, we were blessed beyond measure yesterday. You know, Jesus shows up at our church and every other church every Sunday, but it’s not everyday that you get a hug from Jesus!

Gotta love a hug like that!


After church came the second bit of wealth shared by friends who God has placed in our lives. We were given incredible tickets to “Midevil Times.”  This was such an incredible gift because, truth be known, we couldn’t afford to take all our kids here. But through the generosity of friends we were able to take the kids out for an unforgettable night of fun.

My kids were so excited, and quite honestly, I was busting at the seams to go! I always wanted to go and see this thing that cost an arm and a leg to go to. Here was our chance!

We were randomly chosen to cheer for a knight. We were there in support of the Green Knight, also known as the enemy of the King. Great! 

Prince Levi and the Green Knight

So we wore our green crowns and we  waved our green flags and we cheered for our Knight and booed the other Knights.  We ate with our hands and we stuffed ourselves with great food. We were treated wonderfully by our wench server, Kelly. I declined buying myself the “wench” shirt in the gift shop, though.

But mostly I loved watching my kids experience something so memorable, knowing that we had this special moment as a family because of the generosity of friends. Our conversation on the way home was one of thankfulness for those who had blessed us. “We need to send them a thank-you card,” one said. The others agreed.

Sometimes it is good to not be able to afford things and not know everyone and their brother so that others can have a chance to generously give and receive a blessing from their generosity. I know God will bless my friends for the blessings they poured out on us yesterday.

So thank you to those of you who made this special day possible. Thank you for the time and effort it took to make these events happen.

We love you and we appreciate that you chose us.


Grateful Groovy Girl


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