Our Story…Told By Our Christmas Tree

Once upon a time, a boy and a girl fell in love. One day in art class when she was working with metal and solder, she created something with their initials. The following year, it hung on their Christmas tree. It has been there ever since. 

Our First Ornament

 His Grandma added to their collection of one ornament and made it two. They were on a role.

Tahd’s First Ornament

 Two years later, ten new little fingers were unwrapping gifts under that tree. An ornament for him was found at a craft fair in San Diego to commemorate his very first Christmas. Now 17 years later, his latest ornament has found its place.


The following Christmas found ten little girly fingers under that tree. There was no tearing into gifts for her…she was too wee! Her big brother helped open all of her gifts. But she was truly our treasured gift that year.

Kelsey’s First Ornament


Ornaments have come and gone. Cracked and broke. Discarded and glued. But the number of fingers and toes kept filling up under that tree. Four years went by before ten more toes showed up. Chubby and darling. Rosy cheeks and pudgy fingers. Our tree welcomed baby number three.

Levi’s Favorite


And just when we thought our tree was full, God said “SURPRISE!” and along came more. He was fair and tender, said to be my twin. Born ten months earlier, he enjoyed his first Christmas the most. My tree was full.

Wyatt’s First Ornament


Our tree is still filling with ornaments to replace the broken and the lost.

With every year that passes, some become even more precious. I miss you my friend!

My ornament from her

On my tree hangs an ornament from a very special home group that we belonged to. This ornament was kidnapped, held for ransom, and led to the saran wrapping of someone’s suburban before they finally gave it back to us. Good times!



Every year, for about 30 days, we display our lives and our hearts for our guests to see. Sweet memories, joyous occasions, and loved ones lost and gained, find their place in the telling of our story.

There’s more to tell…I need a bigger tree!

Our Tree, Our Story

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