Breathe Deeply

I’ve been away from writing for a while. It is as if my life has been a reality show that someone has recorded and now they are trying to
watch it on fast forward. I feel like the past two months have been on fast
forward and now I would just like to rewind and take it all in. It was a good
two months, full of joyous celebrations and lasting memories.

But I haven’t been able to relish it and take in the
memories, until now.

If there was ever a favorite place for me to be, it is here.

Lake Weiss

Here is where I find peace, at this spot where the clothing
of the day is either pajamas or a bathing suit. Where lazy is not a negative
thing. Here is where my soul rests and says, “Aaaahhhhhh….” Here my life goes
from fast forward to slow motion as if trying to catch every moment and not miss
a thing. Here I breathe deeply and love easier. Here I find peace.

But it is also here
that the Lord speaks to me in ways that I don’t hear anywhere else. Probably
because it is here that I stop and listen for Him, for He always is speaking if
I would just choose to listen.

The past few months have been so chaotic and full that I
have not had much time to sit and listen for the One I love the most to speak.
Quiet times have been at lightning speed and prayers have been more like a
quick peck on the cheek and a “Love ya. Bye!” as your man is flying out the
door for work.

But here, my soul breaths deeply, loves passionately and
listens longer than anywhere. The worship music that serenades me here is the
sound of water lapping the edge of the shore, birds chirping, the laughter of
the ones I love most, and the peeping of our feathered trio who joined us on
this trip. (See! Lots to catch up on.) Slow Mo is just right for me here. While
others play on the jet skis and race to the sand bar, I sip my coffee as I sway
back and forth on the swing. I drink my sweet tea in a rocking chair while my
babies cannonball off the dock.

No email. No meetings. No appointments. No chaos. No agenda.
Just peace.

This place, the home, this oasis is considered a gift that
the owners love to bestow on us. I am thankful for them and their generosity.
Because this sanctuary is the closest to heaven and my Lord I have ever been.

Breathe deep…aaahhh!



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