Almost Time To Fly

I didn’t ask for him, but in a matter of moments after the
reality hit that he was really coming, I started to prepare for his arrival. I
provided a bed for him and food to eat. But more than the necessities, I opened
my heart to the love that he needed.

It wasn’t hard to love him. The first time I saw his face
and heard him cry, I fell immediately in love. I was smitten from the word “go”.

Who wouldn’t? He was helpless and in need of a mama. There was a mighty big
world out there that was waiting for him, but for now, he needed a home.

And here, he found a place to settle and rest.

So for the next few days we bonded. Everywhere I went, he
went. Everything I did, he was right there with me. Through my love for him, he
not only survived, but thrived.

But life has its tragedies and its hurts. He was not immune
to either. When hurts came, I helped him.

I bandaged him and carried him.

I loved him and coddled him.

I provided a place to heal.

And when the healing started to come, I
encouraged him to walk again, even if it hurt.

He wasn’t created to be carried all
his life. God created him with big plans to fly.

But before he flew, he had to walk.

Slowly, through much struggle and perseverance, he did walk again. He triumphed over tragedy until
the wounds of life had almost disappeared.

I have raised him as best I know how. I have loved him with
every bit of who I am and then some. I get up every day knowing that he is
waiting for me to love on him. My entire heart has been poured out into him.

I have watched him mature and grow before my eyes.

The baby that I first knew is not who captures my gaze now. I see beauty and maturity. I
see strength and independence. I see someone desiring to spread their wings and

 But for now, he is with me because he chooses to stay.

For now, he is there when I wake up and there when I fall asleep.

For now, he finds safety and courage when I am close by.


Someday, when the time is right, he will spread those wings
and he will fly.

He will start a life that doesn’t revolve around me.

He will soar with the wings that God gave him on top of the
wind that God uses to push him along on the path that God has planned from the
moment of his conception. He will fly…and he will fly strong.

As for me, I will watch him from the ground and cheer him as
he flies. I will clap and scream and say, “That’s my boy up there!”  I will wear a smile that he will see and
remember as he flies away. It will be a grand day.

But inside, my heart will be breaking. It will be pleading
for him to stay, just a day more.

It will break at the thought of never seeing him again or forgetting who I was to
him. But that day will not be about me. It will be his day to soar for he has
worked so hard to fly.

Funny, but if I didn’t know better, I would think this wasn’t about a goose.

Tahd on his graduation day with his siblings, Kelsey, Levi and Wyatt

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