The Shoes of Bravery

Bravery came in the mail on Monday, plainly packaged but carefully protected. Inside the plain manilla envelope was Bravery, displayed in the form of a beautifully printed, eye-catching novel.

Why did I have this opportunity to see Bravery? Because she asked for willing readers to critique her newest, yet to be released novel and write a review. I said yes to Bravery and she chose me, a stranger.

I never really thought about it from her end. When I was chosen as a reader I considered it an incredible opportunity. But it wasn’t until I held the novel in my hands and thought of the countless hours that were spent pouring over this book did I see her true vulnerability.

This book , delivered to my doorstep, said, “Here. Take all my blood, sweat, and tears for the past few years. Take my heart, my creativity, my passion, my gifting. Read it and judge it.” She chose to be vulnerable. Bravery is her name.

I laid in my bed last night, completely immersed in her writing. No need to be afraid Bravery, it is captivating. I was smitten from the word go. Your passion for writing spills over into every chapter, every page, every character, every delectable morsel of a word, so beautifully portrayed on paper. Your art for bringing a character to life and at the same time drawing your readers into a deeper love for Jesus is beyond gifting.

I admire Bravery. I admire her willingness to hear words of criticism along with words of favor. She willingly throws her hat into the ring and invites people to either love it and wear it or do the Mexican Hat dance on it. I say hats off to Bravery.

In a month, I am meeting Bravery. On July 23rd I will sit across from Bravery and ask for her critique on my memoir. I will be brave and fearless, while I shake in my boots, as I lay my heart out in front of her and say, “Here. Take all my blood, sweat, and tears. Take my heart, my creativity, my passion, my gifting. Take my life story. Read it and judge it. Then tell me if it’s worth it.”

Bravery has big shoes to fill. For a moment, I will have a chance to see what they feel like.

Those are scary shoes.

Though I am not finished reading “The Muir house”, by Mary DeMuth, I encourage you to purchase this book and get entangled in her beautiful writing. The release date is June 27th, 2011.   


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