Testimonials/Words of Gratitude

Words of Gratitude and Testimonials

“Jodianne was the speaker at our last event. The Lord used her in mighty ways that morning. Everyone in the room intentified with her at some point during her talk. She was funny and made us laugh. She was compassionate and we saw her heart. She was real and we felt her pain. She was victorious and we were encouraged. The ladies understood her message and were inspired to study the Word of God. For the first time, all our Bible studies were full at the end of the event. Do not miss the opportunity to inspire your women to renew their minds about being in the Word.” Giselle Bernall-Piedmont Baptist Church Women’s League Coordinator, Marietta, GA


 “Thank you for exalting our God last night. I have never had as many messages of gratitude for you and your message. Praising God for you and how you are making a huge difference in the Kingdom.”  Ruby Berry-Director and Founder of The Women’s League, Inc., Kennesaw, GA


  “I have heard Jodianne speak at many of her different events. Jodianne is real and is not afraid to share her weaknesses, which I believe is what most women can relate to. She has a passion and a true love for God and for people. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Jodianne knows how to capture the the attention of her audience and you can feel the Spirit of the Lord move through her message. She truly has a gift for speaking and the Lord is using her as a vessel to touch the lives of other women. Jodianne is witty and funny. You’ll find yourself laughing one moment and then moved to tears the next. Jodianne speaks with confidence and love and I’m excited to hear what she has in store next.” Lynn Gulick, Cobb Vineyard Church, Kennesaw, GA 


 “We had the pleasure of having Jodianne Adams attend our Spring Event as our guest speaker. The teaching was strongly Biblically-based, with just enough ofher wit, humor and personal relevance thrown into the mix, making it a refreshing, enlightening and encouraging day for the women in our ministry.” Lisa Klausman- Speacial Event Coordinator- Crowne Pointe Community Church Kennesaw, GA
“I had the privilege of hearing you speak during the 7th/8th grade Chapel at Cornerstone today and what an awesome message it was. It was simple, yet so powerful! Like you said, it isn’t easy being a teenager, so thank you very much for taking the time to speak and encourage our teenagers. People like you make a difference, and we are blessed by you. May God bless you for sharing His Word.” Cindy Guerniewitz, Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, Acworth, GA

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