Narimon Jewelry-Bringing the Mission Field to your Livingroom


You know that dream where you stand naked in front of a crowd of people?

 You feel dumb, ashamed. You have no dignity.

You wake up glad it was only a nightmare.

Now imagine having that same dream every night.

Now imagine that it is not a dream, but real.  

This is life for many thousands of Thai women and girls,

who one way or another have been forced into showing

and selling their bodies.

Now imagine that someone comes along and hands you the most beautiful garment

you have ever seen. You put it on, it fits perfectly.  You hold your head up,

feeling once again that you are someone.

This is Narimon, the women’s product division of Servantworks. 

Narimon products are handmade by women and girls who either once

were forced to sell their dignity,  or by their situation were at high risk to do so. 

Now they not only have work,  but they make something they can be proud of. 

They begin to understand, some for the first time,

that they are valuable beyond  measure.

There was once a time when people knew who made the goods they purchased–

the baker, the shoemaker, the blacksmith, the milkman, the tailor, etc. 

They weren’t just goods, they represented relationships.  When you bought a suit,

you knew you helped John feed his family. 

 In today’s superstore world, things are just things.

Something might bear the a famous name,

but it’s actually designed by an unnamed employee and

 made by someone else in a huge factory.

Narimon products are made with quality in mind, not charity. 

Each product is personally signed by its creator. 

When you buy a Narimon product,

you know that you have helped a woman find her dignity. 

As a Representative and a Distributor for Narimon jewelry,

 I would like to offer you the opportunity to bring this

mission into your livingroom by hosting a jewelry event

of your own.  There is no pressure, no sales gimicks

because the jewelry sells itself.

If you are interested in purchasing the products or

hosting an event at your  home or through your organization,

 please contact me personally  so that I can serve you in this way.


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